Spoof, Fake & Blank your referers

Advanced URL Shortener & Traffic Management system

Manage your traffic & hide the referrers using our well developed traffic management system. Blanking using HTTPS, referer faking via third party websites or on page referer changing.

Block / Allow traffic by settings parameters such as geo location, IP addresses, referrers, useragents, frame breaking, browser types. Removing unsafe & unwanted traffic

Referrer Changing Methods

On page Referrer - Own the landing page, we can setup any referer of your choice.

Custom Referrer - Using your own URLs as referrers for any landing page.

Standard Referrer - Google Search, Twitter, Duckduckgo, Blogger, Stumbleupon, URL.com

All referer methods work in google analytics & other stats trackers / advertising platforms

Custom Code changes

VPS & Dedi customers, we can modify our code with any changes you'd like to see in your platform. These include dropping cookies, inserting tracking pixels etc