Any Referrer – If you own or have access to the destination / landing page and can insert code, we can setup any referrer you like. These include email referrers and any website or URL of your choice.


Standard Referrer – We can use some websites as referrers without having to place code in the destination / landing pages. Simply choose from the following referrers, Google Search, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Blogger, DuckDuckGo, URL.com, add your destination URL and you’re ready to go.


Custom Referrer – Use your own websites, or friends website as a referrer to your destination / Landing pages. This method requires code to be placed in the referrering page.


Blank Referrer – 100% remove all referrers with our HTTPs method, we also offer 301 Redirects.


Filter Rules – Accept / Reject and filter your traffic by header variables with the advanced rules system. Remove that unwanted junk traffic from hitting your landing pages and send it somewhere else.


Useragent – Browser Types
Useragent – Mobile / Desktop
Useragent – Operation System
GeoIP Location
Unique/Non Unique Hits
IP Ranges
Max Hits Per Day/Hour
Time / Date intervals
Out URL for Rejected Traffic